10 Rare, Echo & The Bunnymen Live Performances From The 1980s

 10 Rare, Echo & The Bunnymen Live Performances From The 1980s

Echo & The Bunnymen, one of Liverpool’s finest exports, exploded onto the 80s music scene with their dark, moody, Doors-inspired psychedelic beats. Orchestrated by enigmatic frontman Ian McCulloch, the band would be propelled from cult status to mainstream success with a string of memorable hits including The Cutter, Never Stop and The Killing Moon. During the 80s McCulloch, Sergeant, Pattinson, and de Freitas would release a quintuple of classic studio albums. Their 1980 debut album Crocodiles was soon followed by Heaven Up Here, Porcupine, Ocean Rain and in 1987 a self-titled release, their fifth and final studio album of the decade. McCulloch quit the band in 1988 and sadly in 1989 drummer, Pete de Freitas was killed in a motorcycle accident at the age of 27.

In 1994, McCulloch and Sergeant began working together again under the name Electrafixion, in 1997 Pattinson rejoined the duo, meaning the three original members of the Bunnymen were now working together again. Rather than continue as Electrafixion, the trio reverted back to Echo & the Bunnymen and released the album Evergreen. 

We’re proud to bring you “10 Rare, Echo & The Bunnymen Live Performances From The 1980s” Enjoy!

Echo & The Bunnymen – Live at La Edad de Oro
Recorded – October 30, 1984
Runtime 53mins

Credit @ YouTube Channel Manu Guinarte

Echo & The Bunnymen – Live at Rockpalast, Germany
Recorded – 1983
Runtime 1hr 32mins

Credit @ YouTube Channel The Clip King

Echo & The Bunnymen – Live at the Royal Albert Hall, London
Recorded – 1983
Runtime 54mins

Credit @ YouTube Channel arquivomusica64

Echo & The Bunnymen – Live in Sefton Park, Liverpool
Recorded August 26th – 1982
Runtime 30mins

Credit @ YouTube Channel Tez Lopez

Echo & The Bunnymen – Live at St. Georges Hall, Liverpool
Recorded – May 1984
Runtime 52mins

Credit @ YouTube Channel CharlemagneDK

Echo & The Bunnymen – Live In France
Recorded – 1981
Runtime 15mins

Credit @ YouTube Channel Bunny Man

Echo & The Bunnymen – Live on the Tube
Recorded – 16 December 1983
Runtime 18mins
*Note – The Killing Moon was not part of the original broadcast. The band continued to play after the credits, and The Killing Moon was then later broadcast separately in January 1984, when The Killing Moon was released as a single.

Credit @ YouTube Channel Nacho Video

Echo & The Bunnymen – A Promise (Live on Generation 80, Belgium)
Recorded – May 17th, 1981
Runtime 4mins

Credit @ YouTube Channel Nacho Video

Echo & The Bunnymen – Live In Buxton, Derbyshire
Recorded – 1981
Runtime 5mins

Credit @ YouTube Channel stormerrr

Echo & The Bunnymen – Live On Swedish TV
Recorded – 8th Nov, 1987
Runtime 14mins

Credit @ YouTube Channel TravisBickle1963


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