The Cast of Police Academy Then and Now (1984 – 2022)

 The Cast of Police Academy Then and Now (1984 – 2022)

On March 23, 1984, the first Police Academy movie was released in cinemas. Starring Stevie Guttenberg and Kim Cattrall, the movie was the first in the franchise. Due to the movie’s phenomenal success, a further 6 sequels followed plus a TV Series.

Enjoy this look back at the cast members in 1984 and see where they are now in 2022.
Credit: Nostalgia Hit

Produced By: Paul Maslansky
Directed By: Hugh Wilson
Budget: $4.5 million
Box Office: $149.8 million
Release Date: March 23, 1984
Distributed By: Warner Bros.

Stevie Guttenberg as Cadet Carey Mahoney
Kim Cattrall as Cadet Karen Thompson
Bubba Smith as Cadet Moses Hightower
Donovan Scott as Cadet Leslie Barbara
Michael Winslow as Cadet Larvell Jones
Andrew Rubin as Cadet George Martin
David Graf as Cadet Eugene Tackleberry
Bruce Mahler as Cadet Douglas Fackler
Marion Ramsey as Cadet Laverne Hooks
Brant Von Hoffman as Cadet Kyle Blankes
Scott Thomson as Cadet Chad Copeland
G. W. Bailey as Lieutenant Thaddeus Harris
George Gaynes as Commandant Eric Lassard
Leslie Easterbrook as Sergeant Debbie Callahan
George R. Robertson as Chief Henry J. Hurst
Debralee Scott as Violet Fackler
Ted Ross as Captain Reed
Doug Lennox as Main Bad Guy
Don Lake as Mr. Wig
John Hawkes as Tesky Truck Driver
Georgina Spelvin as A Hooker


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