Weekend At Bernie’s Then And Now (1989 – 2022)

 Weekend At Bernie’s Then And Now (1989 – 2022)

Weekend At Bernie’s Then And Now (1989 -2022)
Today we take a trip back to July 1989 and revisit the cast of the hilarious dark-comedy, Weekend At Bernie’s. Written by Robert Klane and directed by Ted Kotcheff, the film stars Andrew McCarthy and Richard Silverman as a couple of low-level insurance workers who spot fraud within the company. They take their findings to their boss, Bernie Lomax, played by Terry Kiser, and the adventure begins!

The film starred…

Andrew McCarthy as Larry Wilson
Jonathan Silverman as Richard Parker
Terry Kiser as Bernie Lomax
Catherine Mary Stewart as Gwen Saunders
Don Calfa as Paulie
Catherine Parks as Tina
Gregory Salata as Marty
Louis Giambalvo as Vito
Ted Kotcheff as Mr. Parker
Jason Waliner as Bratty Kid
Stefanos Miltsakakis as Klaus The Bodybuilder
Eloise Broady (DeJoria) as Tawny
Lorri Lindberg as an Authoress
George Cheung as Lomax’s Gardener
Jack Hallett as a Tennis Pro
Dan Preston as Bernie’s Personal Trainer
Tim Perez as Central Park Mugger
Bruce Barbour as Beach Bum

Video credit Nostalgia Hit


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